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Business is changing. More and more of us are in it to make a real difference – to our communities, our industries, our countries and our world. Wizeup provides BETTER QUALITY mentoring, education and peer support for those looking to create a BETTER WORLD through their business.

To create a significant change you need to create a magnificent business.

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Someone wise once said, ‘you are only as good as the company you keep’.  We believe them.  If you surround yourself with winners, you’ll become one too.

The Winner’s Circle is our member’s only community, where the mentoring comes from your peers – smart operators taking on the world.



Our vision is better business for a better world.  We believe together passionate business owners on purpose can change the world.

But you need the best business practices to succeed. And quality, proven, experienced people who can help you achieve this.

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We’re inviting our Wizards and our Winners to create programmes and tools that help you grow, thrive, learn and succeed.  

We’re pretty fussy about who we ask to work with us – proven experience in the topic is essential. Learn from those who’ve already succeeded.


“​The people who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs


By Mike Brunel My second key to success in selling is having the right mindset. But what is mindset in the context of selling? There are two. The first mindset is your belief in [...]

By Tami Louisson Your team is your business. You have a good product. You have good marketing. You have good ideas. You also have to have the right people to help you get it [...]

By Richard Plimmer My second key to success in food & beverage is tied into the way you approach your manufacturing facility. This is actually a reference to forward planning. Again, if you look [...]

By Melissa Clark-Reynolds My second key to good business modelling is sometimes called the value proposition. It might sound like just a bunch of words, but what it really means is ‘what problem does [...]


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